School Bus Transactions

Belanger Brownway Bus Lines

Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of Belanger Brownway Bus Lines to First Student.

Belanger Brownway Bus Lines is a family-owned business located in Mattawa, Ontario and serves the Nipissing Parry Sound Student Transportation Services consortium (NPSSTS). First Student is the leading school transporter in North America moving 5 million students each day with

approximately 40,000 school busses. Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc. acted on behalf of Belanger Brownway Bus Lines.

School Bus Transactions

417 Bus Line Ltd.

Roxborough Bus Lines, Avonmore, Ontario acquired 417 Bus Line Ltd.

In business since 1958, 417 Bus Line operates school buses, vans, and motor coaches in and around Ottawa, Ontario.

With two locations, the main terminal being 33,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art building with 8 drive through bays, administration, garage, and maintenance facilities. The fleet consists of 200 school buses, 30 motor coaches, 3 minibuses, 3 mini coaches, 26 vans and additional fleet service vehicles. 417 Bus Line operates across 4 school consortiums transporting in excess of 5,000 students daily and provides line-haul services for the surrounding areas.

Strategic M&A Capital Group acted on behalf of 417 Bus Line.

School Bus Transactions

Phoenix Transportation

Campeau Bus Lines, Brownsburg-Chatham, Quebec acquired Phoenix Transportation, Bowmanville, Ontario.

In business since 1992, Phoenix Transportation has two satellite parking facilities and one main terminal with a 20,000 sq. ft. building with 8 bays, administration, garage and maintenance facilities. The fleet consists of 160 school buses, 19 of which are equipped for at least 1 wheelchair and loading ramp. They also have a fleet of 9 vehicles, motor coaches and minibuses for charters. Phoenix Transportation moves 7,000 children daily with the majority of the 120 routes with one school consortium.

Strategic M&A Capital Group acted on behalf of 417 Bus Line.

School Bus Transactions

First Student

First Canada ULC, Cincinnati, Ohio acquired Wubs Transit, Winchester, Ontario.

Wubs Transit operates a fleet of 27 - 72, 54 and 28 passenger school buses, and 2 additional buses that can accommodate wheelchairs. Wubs Transit is under contract with the Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario consortium. Wubs provides home to school and additional charter work services.

Strategic M&A Capital Group acted on behalf of First Student ULC.

School Bus Transactions

McCluskey Transportation Services

Pacific Western Group of Companies, Calgary, Alberta acquired McCluskey Transportation Services, Toronto, Ontario.

In business since the late 1960’s McCluskey Transportation Services started with 2 company buses and 5 vehicles that were subcontracted. Today the fleet boasts 140 school buses on 125 routes servicing the Toronto District School Board. Located adjacent to the Toronto International Airport, their terminal is 5,000 sq. ft. with a garage that will accommodate 8 buses at once. McCluskey Transportation transport approximately 2,750 children daily.

Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc. acted on behalf of McCluskey Transportation Services.

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